Forgotten Star, Not Forgotten

The new chapter one (affectionately called Chapter “A”) is complete today. It took a while to get through, what with life (baby, eye surgery, etc). I’ve recently started reading Elizabeth Haydon and she reminded me why I love writing, hence the push to finish this chapter.

It’s easy to forget these things when Life gets crazy. That is the role of Life, and why we struggle to make time for the things we love.

Spoiler from Chapter “A”:

Crystal felt strange suddenly, and dropped the smile. “It’s quiet.”

“Too quiet,” Jaylon agreed. “Mount up, we’re not waiting for the hunters.” He turned to retrieve her mare, and in that instant the shadow leapt onto her, the stench from its massive jaws terrifying her to stillness even as it sunk its teeth into her outstretched arms.

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