2005 In Review

It’s been a crazy year, not that it’s over yet, but there isn’t too much more that I’ll be able to complete before New Year’s. I looked over my work for the year and am fairly pleased, considering the chaos that plagued my life.

My 2005 Writing Accomplishments:
* 3 New Short Stories (Lambs To The Slaughter; The Perranti Deception; Fading Light)
* 3 Short Stories Revised (Lost Tower of Corienth; For I Have Sinned; Fading Light) and several other stories in the process of being revised (For I Have Sinned, Hunter Hunted, and Comets’ Kiss)
* 1 Article written and sold to Vision (Research On-The-Go)
* 1 Story in submission (Sinned, to 3 markets)
* Participation in my writing community to the tune of 10 critques, not including the novel critique I am still working on.
* Shadow of Blood with 40,000 words; still going.

I had some personal accomplishments as well. We sold our condo, spent the summer with my husband’s parents, bought our new townhouse, welcomed a nephew into the world, and are now expecting our first child.

I realize that many of my accomplishments are due to the special people in my life. I am fortunate to have such loving family and friends and I appreciate every last one of you, even if I have not told you as much. Thank you for being you.


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