I’m Back

It’s been too long since I’ve written, but life took over for a while. If I fought it, I’d only have become frustrated with my writing. I need to take care of both myself and my writing. The proof lies in the growing desire to get back into it.

I’ve been reading some books at my husband’s recommendation, the Riftwar series by Raymond Feist. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them, and it’s led to stray thoughts concerning my own writing. The writing voice I’d let sleep like a black dragon, came back to life. I returned to my friends on www.fmwriters.com (and realized how sorely I had missed them), then returned to my blog.

The strange thing was, one of my last entries seemed foreign to me. Fading Light? What in the world? Normally I can hear a title and know it’s mine. I briefly wondered if I had made it up. Leaving the wondering aside, I dove into my writing files and dug the bugger up. Oh, so I did write it. I proceeded to read it, strangely enjoying it as I had no memory of this story at all.

And now I’ve been editing it for the past few days. It’s still sad, probably more deeply sad after this revision, but it is a story that requires telling. There are people who I will not share this story with due to the content, and strangely it’s one of my biggest supporters. But dying and the right to die are two different things and something I’d never wish on anyone.

But here I am, writing and editing such a thing.


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