The End Cometh

The end of this nonsense is near. The car’s been repaired, baby shower invitations are mailed, the condo has been sold, we moved in with the in-laws and my oral surgery is tomorrow (buh-bye wisdom teeth.)

I know it’s a redundant evolutionary aspect to human physiology, but the only wisdom these teeth have imparted to me is that I should have done this years ago. Not that I’m complaining. My teeth are not impacted nor are they causing me any pain. It’s the trouble they can cause that’s resulted in their banishment.

On the upside, it’s getting me a day off from work and letting me continue my current reading streak. This time it’s S.L. Viehl’s Stardoc series. Highly addictive science fiction. After these last two novels though, it’s back to my own writing. Well, before then, I’ll be starting something.

Sunday is May 1st. I like month changes. They’re refreshing, at least as far as my writing goals are concerned. It’s the point where I reevaluate my current projects and prioritize what’s been neglected. In my case, it’s been everything but whan can I do? I’m only one writer. In this instance, I’m choosing what will come to an end quickest. Completing a project is a triumph, even if it’s just an edit. It’s further proof that I can do this.

Yes indeed, endings are good.


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