Current Projects

In the past, I’ve only focused on one project at a time. The past six months or so, I’ve tried working simultaneously on a main project (the novel) and smaller side projects (short stories/articles). Here’s what I’m currently working on:

Shadow of Blood – a fantasy novel about a slave in a desert city. One man wants to use him, another man wants to torture him, while a third wants to see him dead. The only person he can trust tortures him far worse than his three enemies.

For I Have Sinned – one of my favorite (science fiction) short stories, I’ve been submitting this one to some magazines. No luck yet, but I’m giving it another revision. A healer is haunted by the memories of a dead man.

Hunter, Hunted – a fantasy short story that is in it’s second revision. I think I’ve got the plot holes worked out this time.

Comets’ Kiss – a science fiction short story that tried my science knowledge. My friend Bari helped me sort out the reality of it, and I hope to have the first revision done soon.

This is a bit more than I intended to balance, but I’m determined to get through all of these by the end of April so I can start on some new stories.

In the queue:

Forgotten Star – due for another revision. This is the first fantasy novel I’ve ever written and it’s changed a lot, but for the better. This time, the revision will be complete and I’m sending it out for critique.


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